12 December 2016

Raven - Rachel Morgan

Raven is the newest book in the Creepy Hollow series. The first 3 were Violet's story, moving on to Calla's story in the next 3. Raven is the second of the short, companion novellas.

This is actually a lovely story to read on it's own, but I strongly recommend reading all the books as they are just so wonderful! Rachel Morgan has been one of my favourite authors ever since reading the first of the series, The Faerie Guardian.

Raven is a wonderful character, smart and level headed, despite almost being faerie royalty. When she stumbles across a murderous plot that may or may not involve her, her life is turned side down. This is a short book but there is still time for Raven to develop and also for a twist that will surprise you. I can't wait for more books.

I absolutely love reading the stories of other characters from the Creepy Hollow world. It is great seeing how some of the lesser known personalities fit in together. I especially liked the glimpse of Tora, who we already know as a guardian mentor, as a young precocious child. It makes me rethink parts of the previous books and now I want to re-read them to see what insights this brings to the previous stories.

I love that Faerie hair is two-toned, which I would so love to do for my hair. So the perfect complement to this book is something lovely I've made using blue and red ingredients.

Pour half a shot of blue curacao into a flute or similar glass. Then nearly fill the glass with prosecco, turning it blue. Very carefully drizzle in a little grenadine so it settles at the bottom of the glass, giving a lovely multicoloured, layered drink!

I have only just started decorating my Christmas tree so all it has is lights at the moment but I still think it's a great backdrop for my cocktail. Work has been so busy that I haven't had time to decorate but this is definitely the next task on my massive To Do list.


  1. Must...read...Rachel...Morgan :D Brilliant review as always. I think most of my Christmas presents will be books as there are so many on here I want to read! I've also made a pact with my sister to try out all of the cocktails you've featured here during the Christmas holidays x

    1. Yes you must! ;) So happy you're enjoying!