18 November 2016

The Ice Twins - S.K. Tremayne

Lydia, one of Sarah's identical twin daughters, died a year and a half ago. Or did she? Suddenly Kirstie has decided she is actually her sister Lydia, and says that it was Kirstie who died in the accident all that time ago. 

But is she telling the truth? They are so identical that no one can tell the difference between them, could it be possible that Sarah got it so wrong?

When they were born, it was the coldest day of the year. They had such light blonde hair and ice blue eyes, that their father called them the ice twins. This is where the name of the book comes from.

There's plenty of amazing imagery in the book too, with the cold lochs and mountains of Scotland. And the eerie, haunting descriptions of the island which the family move to.

I found this book thrilling and mysterious! I never could have guessed the truth, all through I imagined many things and there are hints and clues to all sorts of secrets but the real story is way crazier than anything I thought.

I did find it a bit hard to relate to the characters, both Sarah and Angus are so different to me. In particular, Sarah's relationship with her daughter and how she felt jealous of the sisterly bond her twins had.

The cocktail of choice for this book is my Ice Blue Margarita on the rocks. I recently had a request for a margarita but unfortunately (or fortunately) I was all out of triple sec. Luckily, I have a new bottle of Blue Curacao which has a similar flavour and turns the drink an amazing ice blue colour. I think it's the perfect icy cocktail to drink with this book and doesn't it look cool?

First of all, prepare your glass with a salt rim. The easiest way is to rub a half lime around the rim of the glass and then dip the glass into a small saucer with salt. You can also have some fun with this, using different mixtures such as chilli or sugar, but the traditional one for tequila and still my favourite is simply salt.

Into a cocktail shaker, add a shot each of tequila and lime juice, half a shot of blue curacao and a dash of sugar syrup. Shake with lots of ice, then pour over even more ice in the glass.

An extra, perfect touch would be to add some dry ice to invoke the mists of Scotland. I would love to experiment with dry ice but have yet to try it out!

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