12 March 2017


This post is a bit of a departure from my usual. I recently had the chance to try out Disrepute, a new cocktail bar in Soho. I know this is a bit of a stretch but the menu is made up of stories so I've decided that technically this is a good enough excuse to count it as a book review!

Instead of a typical menu, there are 3 pages of short stories to read. As the waitress explained to us, reading the stories can give you a clue to the type of drink and you can choose the one you're most drawn to. Will you go for the story of the Welder's Apprentice, the King of Carnaby, or do you want to find out what happened to the English Rose?

While some descriptions gave us a strong idea of possible ingredients, others left us quite confused. Luckily the answers are in the back of the book, in the form of a list of ingredients next to the initials of the cocktail. We found it fun to choose from the stories but then had a quick check at the back to see whether our guesses were anywhere near the truth. Generally they were not!

The bar is hidden away under Kingly court and is absolutely beautiful. Elegant with dark wood and plush, luxurious seating. Drinks cabinets are dotted around but unfortunately our key didn't fit the lock to open them up. We felt very chilled in our little corner, I think we definitely had the best seats in the place. The staff were very helpful and made us feel like the most important customers.

The cocktails we tried were delicious, with the Vintage Sour as my personal favourite. We definitely felt pretty cheerful after trying a couple and as my dear friend Gemma Chan so eloquently put it at the end of the night - 'The strongs are drink and the drink in the ice didn't help.'

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