4 December 2017

Here We Are Now - Jasmine Warga

Taliah has never known her father, but she suspects she knows who he is. After spending three years writing to him and getting no response, Julian Oliver, rock star, just shows up on her doorstep and wants to take her to meet the rest of her family. Through the book, Julian tells Tal his side of the story of his relationship with Lena, Tal's mother.

The Lena in Julian's stories seems very different to her mother and Tal finds it hard to reconcile the two sides but eventually realises everyone has multiple selves, including herself. She has always thought her mother and her best friend Harlow were enough for her, but while meeting various members of her extended family, Tal learns how to open up and grow.

I found the short descriptions of Jordan full of warmth and emotion. Even though they were so brief, the author managed to put a lot of feeling into them. However, the character development could have done with a lot more. For example, people kept telling Tal that she was too closed off but that just made me feel a bit defensive for her as there wasn't really much evidence of this. I loved the way the parents' story was told in installments by Julian, almost like a separate story within a story.

This book goes perfectly with a Rockstar Martini. Combine 1 shot of raspberry vodka with 1/2 shot each of Apple Sourz, blue curacao and lemon juice. Add a dash of sugar syrup and shake with ice. Pour into a martini glass garnished with pop rocks or sherbert.

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