7 January 2018

Rebel Faerie - Rachel Morgan

I was so excited to get back into Emerson's story and was not disappointed at all! I am just upset that now it is finished and I can't believe this is the last of the Creepy Hollow books.

I was really grateful for the prologue as it helped me to get back into scene and remember where the story was after finishing book 8. My memory can be crap and I often feel a bit lost at the start if it's been a while since reading the previous book. This one jumps straight back into the action but still helps to explain what's going on.

After finding out the truth about Prince Roarke's plans for her and escaping from the Unseelie world, Emerson is desperate to stop him from going through with his schemes. However no one realises or even imagines just how far he intends to go. At the same time she has Ada, the glass faerie, to deal with, as well as getting control of her magic. Emerson has to quickly learn to use her her magic and control her griffin ability, as well as learning the truth about her family and where she fits in with the rest of the rebels.

I enjoyed reading Rebel Faerie so much. I love the characters and the fact that some of them have been there since the start of the books. I have actually seen quite a few of them grow up through the series. There are some great alternative swear words that Dash uses, 'freaking fluff hat' I might even have to try using them myself.

This was such a satisfying end to the series. I will seriously miss the Creepy Hollow world and characters. I'll just have to sit around waiting for any scraps of short stories that Rachel Morgan throws me.

The elixir Em takes to help with her griffin ability is an important tool for her so I created this Elixir cocktail. Most of the ingredients I've chosen have some kind of health benefit. This cocktail will help you reach your full power, it's so full of goodness it's practically a health food!

Shake up 1 shot of vodka, 1/2 shot of lemon juice (vitamin c), 1/2 shot cranberry juice (tons of health benefits, good for the heart, increases antioxidants, protects the gums), dash of grenadine (made from pomegranate, know as a superfood) and a few drops of cherry bitters and chocolate bitters (bitters were originally developed as a medicine, thought to be good for health, plus I got them for Christmas and they taste amazing!)

Pour into a cocktail glass and add some pink shimmer to make it look magical.

I had some trouble getting the shimmer to show, hopefully it comes through a little better in these photos.


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