24 March 2018

Book Mix & Match 3

So many books! I decided to do another quick round of short reviews to catch up a bit.

The well known Heisenberg principle states that you can know what you're drinking, or what you're reading, but not both at the same time! So the Heisenberg cocktail is perfect when there are so many books to read that you don't know where to start.
2 shots of tequila, 1/3 shot of maraschino, 2/3 shot lemon juice and 1/4 shot each of lavender syrup and blue curacao. Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass with a salt rim.

As you wish - Chelsea Sedoti
Eldon lives in a little town in the desert, where nothing much happens apart from being close to area 51. At least, that's what he and the other residents want everyone to think, while in fact his town is extremely special. Everyone who lives there gets a wish on their 16th birthday. A real, guaranteed, wish come true. While the rest of the town thinks this is the only thing that really matters in life, Eldon isn't so sure any more. His birthday is coming up and he still doesn't know what to wish for, despite his mother's request.
Eldon has seen first hand how wishes can ruin lives and is determined not to make the same mistakes other people have made, so he asks everyone he can about their wishes. These are touching stories which I found so emotional to read. I can't even imagine what I would choose if I had the chance.

The Hanging Girl - Eileen Cook
Skye is desperate for money and what she makes on her fake tarot readings for the other pupils at her school aren't going to be enough. When an opportunity to scale up her fake predictions presents itself, she decides to take the chance but she doesn't realise how much more complicated things are than she expected. Skye convinces herself that Paige won't really be hurt, it's only for a couple of days and then she'll have the money she needs so she doesn't have to let her best friend down.
There's plot twist after plot twist, just when you think you have a clue what's going on, you realise that you really have no idea.
I really enjoyed this book, the writing was very clever and I will be looking for more from this author.

How to Hang a Witch - Adriana Mather
Samantha Mather is unwillingly moved to Salem, home of the witch trials. Her father is in a coma and the high medical bills mean her step-mother can't afford to keep them in their New York home. There she must learn a lot more about her ancestry than she ever wanted to know. Throw in an angry ghost, some bitchy teenagers and an ancient curse and Sam has her work cut out for her. The author makes you suspect almost everyone in this book so you never really know who Sam can trust.
This is narrated by the author which I think gives an extra insight into how she really wanted the characters to feel.

Undercover Princess - Connie Glynn 
Lottie has spent her life trying to live up to her ideal of a princess, she has her motto to be kind, brave and unstoppable.  Lottie promised her mother, before she died, that she would be happy and do her best to go to Rosewood Hall school. When she manages to get a rare scholarship, she never expected that she would have a real princess as a roommate and that she would end up pretending to be her.
This is the first in a new series and I think there is plenty more to the story and to the mystery of Rosewood Hall.

Rebel of the Sands - Alwyn Hamilton
Amani is probably the best shooter in Dustwalk, but as a girl she has no rights as lives at the mercy of her aunt and uncle. When she overhears her uncle deciding that he should marry her himself as she will never find a husband of her own, she is even more determined than ever to flee to Izman. While putting her plan into action she meet a mysterious foreigner, Jin, who has his own reasons for running away. Together they escape on a magical horse, but the adventures only just begin here.
I enjoyed the book but not enough to rush out for the second in the series. I probably will read it eventually because I do want to know what happens to Amani and Jin.

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