4 May 2017

Big Mushy Happy Lump - Sarah Andersen

This is the newest of the Sarah's Scribbles collections and an absolutely wonderful follow up to 'Adulthood is a Myth'.

I first discovered these comics on twitter, @SarahCAndersen is definitely worth a follow for regular posts to make your day. I'm sure everyone can relate to Sarah and I defy anyone to not find at least one of her comics that they can identify with. I feel like nearly all of them were written personally for me! This collection actually has my all time favourite of Sarah's comics, 'How I Spend My Money'. I wish I could have it on a t-shirt.

While the first collection was all comics, this second collection is half full of Sarah's personal essays (illustrated with more comics of course) about the daily struggles of trying to be normal. Again I can totally relate! The book contains themes of friendship, growing up, periods, relationships, shyness and plenty more. All dealt with in an amusing, practical and authentic way.

Sarah often seems to have a glass of wine in hand, especially when cuddled up in her duvet. This is a recipe I've adapted slightly from a cocktail called The Paysan, it can be made in a pitcher for a party or individually in a glass, just dial the ingregients up or down. If making a larger quantity there's no need to shake as you can make it early and leave in the fridge to cool. For one glass you need 2 shots of red wine (I used bordeaux), 1 shot of cranberry juice, half shot of orange juice and a shot of Chambord. Shake it up and pour into a wine glass full of ice. Some frozen berries make a pretty garnish.

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