27 May 2017

Perfect - Cecelia Ahern

Finally! Well, the year long wait for this book was pure torture, but it was all worth it. This sequel to Flawed is just as fast-paced, emotional and full of edge of the seat excitement as the first book. If you haven't yet read Flawed then what on Earth are you waiting for? Get reading (see my very first review post too) then come back here for this one.

Celestine never wanted to be a heroine, or a leader, or a role model. She simply did what she thought was logical, but her action threw her whole world into turmoil and now everyone is trying to use her for their own agendas. However, she has something very powerful and if she is smart she may be able to bring the whole Flawed system down.

This book drops you straight back into the action with Celestine in hiding after fleeing her home, on the run from Judge Crevan and the whistle-blowers. While she's not exactly safe at her grandfather's farm, she is using the time to try and figure out her next move. She needs to find Carrick so they can make a plan and even more importantly she needs to find the video her lawyer took of her branding. This video seems to be the solution to everything if she can find it and decide the best way to use it to her advantage.

Celestine makes many plans and tries many ways to fix things but suffers countless setbacks for every step she manages to take forward. Just when you think things are going to go right for her, something unexpected usually turns up. But Celestine's stubbornness and strength comes through so she never quite gives up. She does make some allies as she goes though she knows she must be extremely careful who she trusts.

There is absolutely no let up to the tension and emotion in this book and it has an extremely satisfying ending. I was worried that there couldn't possibly be a good enough ending to match the rest of the book but I was not disappointed. You will want to read it from cover to cover, I read it in an afternoon as soon as it was delivered. Good thing too as my Mum and sister were waiting to rip it out of my hands as soon as possible.

The Black & White Daiquiri kind of symbolises the 2 sides of every person, perfect and flawed (or if that's a bit too philosophical for you, I just wanted an excuse to make one!). The original cocktail is made with blackberry and it is named for this and the coconut flavour, however I made mine with raspberry which means I should probably call it Red and White Daiquiri. Whatever you call it, this has been one of my favourite Booktails so far.

Muddle the fruit in the shaker then add a shot of Malibu, 1/2 shot each of rum and Chambord, 1/4 shot of lime juice. Shake with ice and then fine strain into your glass to remove the fruit bits. This cocktail is so delicious!

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