26 August 2017

The Fandom - Anna Day

A dystopia within a fantasy, this is a gripping read right from the start. I would guess everyone has a particular book or fantasy world they would love to explore, maybe even live in. But that life probably wouldn't be as great as expected if you had to struggle fill someone else's shoes and live up to their reputation.

Violet and her friends have been looking forward to comicon for ages, this is where they are hoping to meet characters of their favourite book and movie. However, just after meeting the star of the movie, there is an accident and somehow they end up right in the middle of the world of 'The Gallows Dance'. In this futuristic world people are split into the Imperfect people - Imps, and the Genetically Enhanced Men - Gems. Gems rule the world, pretty much keeping the Imps as their slaves, and they regularly hang anyone who hasn't kept to their many rules. This is where the gallows come into it. When Rose, the heroine of the story, is killed, somehow Violet has to replace her as the main player in the plans which the rebels have put in place.

This book is one of the proofs I managed to get my hands on at YALC and it was worth the queuing. I enjoyed it, though not quite as much as I expected which was possibly due to all the hype. It's pretty hard to live up to that. It does keep you on your toes as there are so many twists, turns and betrayals that you just can't figure who to trust or how it will end till you get closer. But by then it is almost inevitable.

If you're hoping for a resolution to everything, be prepared to keep waiting. Though there isn't a cliffhanger, there are still some story threads left unfinished, possibly ready for a sequel.

The Act of Violets cocktail was just made for Violet and is perfect to drink while reading.
Into a shaker pour 2 shots of gin, 1 each of creme de violette and lemon juice, 1/3 shot of dry vermouth, 2 dashes of bitters and half an egg white and dry shake (without ice). Then shake again with ice and stain into a cocktail glass.

Dad just happened to visit while I was thinking of making this cocktail so of course I had to make two. Lucky him!

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