1 August 2017

YALC (part 2)

This was my first experience of YALC (Young Adult Literary Convention) and I loved the atmosphere. I managed to get my nails done to match Stargazing for Beginners, had a drawing lesson from Ruby etc herself and heard a panel discuss myths and magic. I stood in queues for proofs, followed a lady in a red cloak, got a picture with The Doctor and grabbed tons of samplers. And the highlight of my day, I managed to meet the wonderful Melinda Salisbury who kindly signed my book even though I missed her official signing day!

I only attended the Saturday this year but I have definite plans to go at least for the weekend next year. The jealousy when I heard what I missed on day 1, and then watching twitter to see everything that was going on day 3 was so tough to deal with. Now I miss being surrounded by books and authors but luckily have loads of goodies to keep me occupied.I managed to get my hands on some great proofs and freebies which I can't wait to read.

I also picked up tons of samplers for some books which I am really looking forward to. So far I've read the samplers of Sorrowbook and Book of Dust, both of which had me drooling for more. Why oh why do they have to publish next year? How do they expect us to wait so long?  If you spot any personal favourites in here let me know in the comments, you could help me decide what to read next.

And of course I had to buy just a couple of books too. It was very hard to restrict myself, the lure of all those lovely books just sitting there... I've been wanting to read The Girl of Ink and Stars for ages, just could not resist The Invisible Library (a book about books...) and was recommended The Sun is Also a Star by the bookseller.

Last but not least is all the lovely swag! Posters, badges, bookmarks, bags, sweets and plenty more. I now have to figure out how to display all this great stuff. My library walls will be covered. Any ideas for the rest, please leave me a message, I'm open to ideas, no matter how kooky.

Now I feel like I really need to up my reading though I have no idea when I will find the extra time. My already overflowing TBR has grown significantly. All in all I felt YALC 2017 was a very successful first experience, looking forward to next year!


  1. Brilliant! Wish that we could go back in time and experience it all again. My books and samplers are on my shelves but the badges etc are still in the tote bags in my wardrobe. I need more room! :'(